What is the difference between Office 365 & Office 2019?

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office 365 and office 2019

Today, there will be no one who is unaware of the name of Microsoft. Microsoft has launched many software and services at the top, which has no match. Here, we are going to point out on two different product of Microsoft i.e. Office 365 and Office suite 2019 along with the difference between Office 365 & Office 2019.

Often the users are not able to decide that what is Office 365 or Office 2019 application, Is it same or different. Therefore, we captured all the information in this post, which is useful in Office 365 or Office 2019 as well as know about the related field.

What is Office 2019 or Microsoft Office suite 2019?

Recently, Microsoft launched Office 2019 on dated September, 24 2018. This is a combination or suite of several applications like Excel, Access, World, PowerPoint etc. The user buys it only once on the basis of his operating system (MAC or Windows). After installing in the system user can easily use it. Whereas, office 365 licenses is available on subscription based for any business, corporate and Enterprises users.

What is Office 365 and Office 365 Cloud storage?

Office 365 comes with Office suite but it available on cloud that means it doesn’t take space on your machine. Microsoft provides cloud storage with advanced features, accordance to users monthly or yearly subscription pack. There are lots of additional features such as one drive, cloud storage, use in mobiles, cross platform etc. Generally, it provides 1 TB of storage on the cloud, which can also be increased after completion.

Comparison- Office 365 vs. Office 2019

Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office 2019
Support Contact to Microsoft CC for any convenience via phone and chat. Installation support only
Platform It offers the user to access their data from PC, mobile, tablet, phablet etc. Office 2019 supports Windows 10 and newer version or MAC OS.
Internet connection Internet connection required to perform any admin activity. It doesn’t require any internet connection.
Storage capacity Office 365 provides 1 TB storage on cloud. No online storage.
Applications Latest & updated version of all applications with high security. Office 2019 application package only such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc.
Upgrades It is based on your subscription plan to continue the subscription it will also continue the upgrades. It comes with updated version.


Benefits of Office 365:

Stay up-to-date with Office 365: Office 2019 user can not upgrade the version of this application suite. While, Office 365 plans always provides an updated and latest version of applications and tools without any extra charges.

Price & flexibility: An Office 2019 suite is onetime payment package for any single pc. But Office 365 comes with multiple subscription plans according to user needs.

Security & safety: As Office 365 and 2019 both are capable to protect data from any malicious attack, spam/junk mail, virus etc. But Office 365 has some additional security or functions like multi-factor authentication, Bug fixing etc.

Which type of mail supports in Office 365?

Specifically Office 365 holds their data on cloud but you can directly import any email client data to Office 365 storage using MailsDaddy product.


  • MailsDaddy MBOX to Office 365 migration tool
  • MailsDaddy EML to Office 365 migration tool
  • ………………And many others.

You may also convert any email client data into PST format then import PST into OWA (Office 365) via Microsoft Network upload method.

Final Verdict:

I hope, this article is gathered the all information and clear the difference between Office 365 & Office 2019. If you have any query then drop your message in the comment box.


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