Advance Features of the tool to convert MBOX to Office 365 files

Search MBOX File Data

If you don't know the file location the tool can search MBOX file folder from the machine to migrate it from MBOX to O365.

Preview Emails with attachments

The tool has an additional feature to show the preview of a selected email with all the attachments and their metadata

Windows Compatible

The software is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP so you can work on any edition of Windows OS to upload MBOX to Office 365.

Maintains same File Structure

MBOX files to Office 365 converter Keeps the original folder structure as well as names even after conversion into Office 365 mailbox.

Search and Upload useful items

The software has an advanced option to apply a filter on emails through To, CC, Subject, Date and has Attachments before exporting it into Office 365.

Export the .mbx file in Office 365

The tool supports Eudora mail .mbx files. So now you can import your Eudora mail messages into Office 365 off-premise platform.

Import MBOX to Office 365

After seeing the preview of your files you can migrate MBOX data in Office 365, for this you need to provide your Office 365 login credentials.

Transfer Thunderbird file in O365

The tool is also helped for Thunderbird to Office 365 migration. You can import Thunderbird mail to Office 365 platform directly by using MBOX files.

Import Apple mail to Office 365

If you want to import apple mail to Office 365 using this tool then initially, export your Apple mail folders to MBOX files and then transfer them into Office 365 using login credentials of O365.

Convert Webmail to Office 365

The software helps to move your Webmail data into Office 365. You can take a backup of Go daddy or other webmail into MBOX and export them into Office 365 account.

Export Eudora mail to Office 365

The MBOX to O365 conversion software supports the process to export Eudora mail's .mbx files into Office 365. So you can export Eudora mail data into Office 365 with login credentials of O365.

Standalone Migration Tool

The MBOX to O365 Migration tool is a standalone tool so there is no need to install MS Outlook, Exchange Server or any other application to get the files and upload MBOX data to exchange online.

Migrate Opera Mail files in Office 365

The Software supports Opera mail .mbs file format so if you have .mbs files then this tool will help you to transfer your Opera mail file in O365.

Export Selected MBOX files in Office 365

If you want to export only some data files from the MBOX files you can select the required data files and then export them in Office 365.

Import the Evolution Mail to Office 365

This is another advanced feature of the tool. The tool is capable to export Evolution emails to MS Office 365 within some simple clicks.

Netscape to O365 off-premise conversion

Netscape Mail was a news click and email which supports .mbox file format. The tool will help you to convert the Netscape mail in O365.

How to Import MBOX To Office 365 Using the Tool

  1. Install and run the Tool.
  2. Open the tool to export MBOX files into Office 365.
  3. Click on Add file or Search Mails to get the MBOX files.
  4. Select the MBOX File you want to upload on the cloud.
  5. Select the data file and click on Export.
  6. Select your file from the Left side pane and click on Export Button.
  7. Provide the Office 365 Login Credentials to finish the process.
  8. Your MBOX data has been converted into Office 365.

FAQs For The Process To Upload MBOX To Office 365 Data

What are the file size limitations for the tool to convert MBOX to Office 365?

You can export any size of the file because there is no file size limitation for the MBOX file to migrate it on the cloud.

How many MBOX files I can import for Migration using this tool?

You can add one or more than one files at a time using this tool as per your need to convert MBOX to Office 365.

Do I need to purchase a license key to export my MBOX data in Exchange Onli?

Yes, you have to buy a license key for conversion, because in the demo version you can migrate only the first 20 items from each of the folders.

Which Operating System platform the tool supports to import MBOX to Office 365?

The tool supports only Windows Operating System platform so you can work on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2003 and earlier editions.

Can I migrate selected MBOX files into Office 365?

Yes, you can easily migrate selected MBOX files to exchange online with office 365 login credentials.

Where can I see the working process of tool to upload MBOX to Office 365 data?

You need to visit the Working Guide section. From here you come to know about the working process of tool.

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